TV Series Review #4: Sherlock (Season 1)


Sherlock promo
BBC Sherlock (source:

Title: Sherlock (IMDb)
Season/Episode: Season 1, Episode 1-3
Created by: Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Directed by: Paul McGuigan (Ep. 1 & 3), Euros Lyn (Ep. 2)
Written by: Steven Moffat (Ep. 1), Steve Thompson (Ep. 2), Mark Gatiss (Ep. 3)
Year: 2010
Length: ~90 min.
Rating: 12
My IMDb rating: 10/10 (Ep. 1), 6/10 (Ep. 2), 9/10 (Ep. 3)

After re-watching the first season* of Sherlock for what feels like the 100th time, and still loving it more than any other TV show I am watching, I decided to write a review and share my love with all of you. Let’s take a spoiler-free look at season one.

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TV Series Review #2: Breaking Bad (Season 1)

Promo for the first season of Breaking Bad
Promo for the first season of Breaking Bad (source:

Title: Breaking Bad (IMDb)
Created by: Vince Gilligan
Seasons/Episodes: Season 1, 7 Episodes
Directed byVince Gilligan (Ep. 1), Adam Bernstein (Ep. 2, 3), Jim McKay (Ep. 4), Tricia Brock (Ep. 5), Bronwen Hughes (Ep. 6), Tim Hunter (Ep. 7)
Written by: Vince Gilligan (Ep. 1-4), Patty Lin (Ep. 5), George Mastras (Ep . 6), Peter Gould (Ep. 7)
Year: 2008
Length: ~45 min
Rating: 16
My IMDb rating: 8/10

I finished watching the first season of Breaking Bad some time ago… This review contains spoilers for the first season of Breaking Bad. Read only if you don’t mind spoilers or if you have watched this season anyway. Enjoy! 🙂

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