Blogging 201: Day 5 & 6

I’m posting two days worth of Blogging 201 today.

The task for Day 5 was to drive traffic to our archives. In order to do that, we have to learn how to place links to our earlier blog posts, referring to them in newer posts to get the readers to engage with our blogs more actively. Another option was to create a “best of” page that linked to the content we considered our best work. Further mentioned were widgets which displayed our top posts, or links to related posts under every blog entry. I used some of the ideas for my photography blog, and will add some of the widgets here for culturetastic as well. I won’t write a “best of” page yet, as I simply don’t have enough material to choose from. This may be something to remember for the future, though.

Today, our assignment is to “dig deep into a Social Network“, meaning that we are to use social media to promote our site and to engage with our readers. I am already using Publicize to share my post on my private Facebook account to spread my posts and engage with my friends and colleagues who read my posts. Same goes for Tumblr, Twitter, and Google+. I did want to have my own Twitter account for this blog, though, where I could talk actively about cultural things, refer my readers to interesting topics and discussions, and engage with them more. My Twitter handle for Culturetastic is @culture_tastic. Follow me for updates and some culturally interesting retweets 🙂


Blogging 201: Day 2

Today’s assignment is to “Audit Your Brand.” I find this kind of difficult as my blog is fairly new. Day 1 was setting my goals. That I managed. But how do I reach these goals? What kind of blog do I need in order to reach them? How will my blog look like? What features do I need?

Our assignment requires us to look at the way we share information on and about our blog, and to make it focused and consistent.

I share my blog posts via Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and Facebook. That way, I try to engage my friends and followers on other platforms as well as the ones who read my posts here on WordPress. I use accounts that I had before not new ones only for this blog. Some of them have quite a high follower count. I’m not sure if a lot of my followers from other platforms actually click on the links and read my posts though. Some of them surely do. Is there a way to find out how many come from other sites? Yes, well, the stats. If I take them as a guideline, seemingly only 1-2 followers from Twitter and Facebook but no one from Tumblr clicks on the links that lead them to my WordPress blog. But some of my Tumblr followers do read my redirected posts on Tumblr, like and share them. So how accurate are the WP stats, really?

Is the way I share information consistent? I think I need to work on that. Make a calendar, post similar things on the same weekday, etc. This way, my followers will know when to expect what.

Are the topics I write on consistent and focused? Yes, I’d like to think so. “Culture” is a very wide term, and I want to keep it wide in order to blog about different things that are of interest to me and hopefully to my readers. Be that what could be called “traditional” culture such as literature or theatre or “popular” culture such as television, film, and comic books.

What about the features and the overall look of my blog, then? I think I want to try out some new things like a header, play a little with my theme, get new widgets… I will create a try-out-blog for that and test out what might look good on my blog. If I find something interesting, I’ll use it. The first thing that I will add is a category widget. I think that’s useful as my readers will be able to see how much I write about each topic. I’m not sure if I want to keep my tag cloud though. At the moment, it disturbs me more than it helps. What do you guys think? Keep or not?

Your opinions and suggestions are welcome 🙂

First Entry: Time to say “hello”!

Starting a new blog while being busy in Uni is usually not a great idea…

Well, here goes, anyway.

I don’t have any experience with WordPress, so this is a first in more ways than one. Blogging is not new to me, as I have had a LiveJournal (very short-lived) and a tumblr blog (still have, still use) before.

Why turn to a “new” blogging system when I still have my tumblr?

I want to try something new, something different. While tumblr is fun to some extent, it isn’t suitable for “text” blogging, sharing your thoughts, expressing yourself in a way that doesn’t include a lot of pictures.

This is exactly what I’d like to do here.

I consume an enormous amount of media entertainment, and while my friends allow me to talk about some of it, reviewing something you have read, seen, heard or otherwise experienced in writing allows you to think about what you have consumed in a different way.

Please allow me to get used to this platform and its settings.

I’m not sure how often I will have the time to blog (as I said above, I’m a busy Uni student) but I will try to write something at least once a week.

What can you expect? I read a lot, I watch a lot, I listen to a lot and I go to lots of fun places. So expect reviews, that is my opinions of and thoughts to, various books, comics, movies, tv series, theatre, concerts, exhibitions… Let yourself be surprised (hopefully in a positive way).

In this sense:

Hello, and welcome!