Miss Jean Louis – The Life of Misha Collins’ Personal Assistant

Born into the French Revolution of 1789-1799, Miss Jean Louis learned from early age on what hardship meant. Surrounded by French aristocrats and their various needs, she often had to decide between personal dignity and caring for ungrateful, snobbish youths born in wealth. Needless to say, her dignity didn’t survive all that long.

Miss Jean Louis leading the French Revolution after wasting too much time on French Aristocrats and their spoiled brats

The late 18th and early 19th century shaped Miss Jean Louis’ sense and understanding of art, literature, and fashion. Her own creative side awoke when she got introduced to Jane Austen who she enjoyed many quiet evenings with.

During the First and Second World War, Miss Jean Louis acquired near inhuman strength and endurance which would be useful in her further career as babysitter personal assistant to one Misha Collins, destroyer of normality.

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