James McAvoy stars in The Ruling Class

One of my favourite actors, James McAvoy (known from Becoming Jane, X-Men, Filth), is returning to the London stage for Trafalgar Transformed: The Ruling Class. I couldn’t be more excited! I saw Jamie Lloyd’s version of Richard III starring Martin Freeman this year and was blown away. This is certainly something to look forward to! Tickets start at 29,50 GBP and can be purchased here.

This means that I will be seeing Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, and James McAvoy performing on stage within a year. Wow. That’s just amazing. And later in 2015, there’s Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch at the Barbican, of course. I can’t believe my luck 🙂

Time For Art

When I was in London (read about it here), I bought some art utensils, among them two Moleskine sketch books (one for graphite, one for water colours), a small brush-set suitable for travelling and a “sketchers pocket box” of water colours by Winsor & Newton. Even though I’d had art class in high school, I somehow never really took any time to create art ever since I started attending Uni. Of course, there were times when I’d feel the urge to draw something, so I did. I also journeyed into photography, and that’s something I really enjoy now. But it’s been more than 10 years since I really sat down and painted something.

Sketch of a friend of mine
Sketch of a friend of mine

So yesterday, while watching Batman Begins and then Spiderman 2 on TV, I took out my sketch book and started colouring one of the sketches I had made in London. Let me tell you this: water colours are tricky! I’ve only painted with water colours once before, in high school. Thus, yesterday was my first clumsy try at colouring after a very long time. I’m actually not unhappy with how it turned out. It’s not perfect and I am aware of that. Still, it’s a start. It took me about 4 hours to colour my sketch. I have no idea how long other people need for their water-colour paintings.

London in water colours
London in water colours

I will try to paint more in the future. Need to practice painting with water colours. At least now, I have the utensils to do that.

Sunny Days in London

After my last Uni exam, I flew to London for one week to relax.
I was staying at Safestay Hostel which is located near Elephant & Castle. It’s not the most central hostel but it’s clean, staff are friendly and the beds have curtains to allow you some privacy. As a plus, you get free breakfast in the morning. I really enjoy staying there.

When you arrive, though, and have to carry your heavy luggage through the labyrinth that is the London Underground (stairs and more stairs and even more stairs)… Well, let’s just say I was happy when I could leave my stuff in the hostel and move on with much less weight. Next time, I’ll take the bus.

On Friday, my friend D., who had arrived a day prior, and I went to see War Horse at the New London Theatre. The musical is beautiful and our seats in the front row were just perfect. The horses looked and moved so realistically. It was truly amazing. As I had an aisle seat, right where the actors would leave and enter the stage, the experience became very close indeed.

I really like going to the stage door after plays/musicals to get autographs or maybe pictures with the actors. It also allows you to tell the actors how you liked the performance, give them gifts, etc. At the War Horse stage door where I got autographs of some of the actors, Elan James, who played Albert that night, recognised me (“You sat in the front row didn’t you? I saw you!”), asked how I liked the play and if it had been my first time seeing it (“Yes, it was.”). He was very sweet.

A rather crazy thing to happen at that stage door, was a couple of guys who were dressed as jockeys and who waited at the stage door for a friend who had been in the play. A friend whose birthday it was, apparently. When he cane out, they galloped towards him singing “happy birthday” in loud and cheerful voices. Crazy, wonderful people 😀

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