Femme Friday #2: Hiratsuka Raichô (part 1)

In the first edition of Femme Friday, I spoke about Emma Watson’s UN speech on feminism, gender equality and her HeForShe campaign (click here to read it). This time, I’d like to take you back to 20th century Japan and introduce you to Hiratsuka Raichô (1886-1971), a woman who had a major role in the establishment of early Japanese feminism. As this essay originally had over 2000 words, I decided to split it in two and post it accordingly. This first part will concentrate on Hiratsuka’s biography, the next part will deal with the Seitôsha, a literary society that was founded by Hiratsuka. Enjoy reading 🙂

The young Hiratsuka Raichô
The young Hiratsuka Raichô (source: wikimedia.org)


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