Femme Friday #5: Black Widow (Photo #1)

I’m too beat to write anything useful for today’s Femme Friday (I have two drafts saved for the following weeks, though ^^). So instead, I make a different kind of entry using another medium: photography.


Black Widow is bad-ass! I love her attitude, her skills and her look. Also, the comic book is a great read (see my review here). I recently started collecting these Pop! vinyl figures… They are ridiculous but also somehow cute. This one’s a bobble head version. Cool, right? 馃槈

Blogging 201: Day 7 (Femme Friday Event)

Our assignment for today is to create a recurring blogging event on our site.

I submitted the following event proposition to The Daily Post:

Femme Friday is about posting something about women each Friday. This may be a photo, a short story, an essay, a poem, art, or whatever strikes your fancy. You can introduce a woman who inspired you in some way, or talk about developments in the struggle for equality, write a story about a female protagonist or a feminist topic, create art to promote female creativity etc. You decide how you want to interpret your version of Femme Friday. The only requirements are that is has to be about women and that it has to be posted Fridays. Be creative!

As I already stated in my first post for Blogging 201, one of my goals is to have a weekly post concerning women. So the idea for a blogging event聽came to my mind easily enough. Wouldn’t it be great if a lot of people took the time to blog about women? Focus at least once a week on something a woman achieved? On Friday every week, I would like you to think about a woman who inspired you, who you consider important, and to tell your readers about her and what you think makes her special. Tag with “Femme Friday” so that everyone can find your posts easily. I’m looking forward to everyone’s ideas.

Femme Friday #2: Hiratsuka Raich么 (part 1)

In the first edition of Femme Friday, I spoke about Emma Watson’s UN speech on聽feminism,聽gender equality and her HeForShe campaign (click here to read it). This time, I’d like to take you back to 20th century Japan and introduce you to Hiratsuka Raich么 (1886-1971), a woman who had a major role in the establishment of early Japanese feminism. As this essay originally had over 2000 words, I decided to split it in two and post it accordingly. This first part will concentrate on Hiratsuka’s biography, the next part will deal with the Seit么sha, a literary society that was founded by Hiratsuka. Enjoy reading 馃檪

The young Hiratsuka Raich么
The young Hiratsuka Raich么 (source: wikimedia.org)


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