Femme Friday Challenge

On Friday every week, I would like you to think about a woman who inspired you, who you consider important, and to tell your readers about her and what you think makes her special. You may also talk about developments in the struggle for equality, write a story about a female protagonist or a feminist topic, create art to promote female creativity, etc.

Your post for Femme Friday may be a photo, a short story, an essay, a poem, art, or whatever else strikes your fancy. You decide how you want to interpret your version of Femme Friday. The only requirements are that is has to be about women and that it has to be posted Fridays. Please tag with “Femme Friday” so that everyone can find your posts easily, and link back to this page if you want.

Once a month, I will select my favourite Femme Friday entries and write a round-up post linking back to them.

Be creative! I’m looking forward to everyone’s ideas 🙂

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