Femme Friday #5: Black Widow (Photo #1)

I’m too beat to write anything useful for today’s Femme Friday (I have two drafts saved for the following weeks, though ^^). So instead, I make a different kind of entry using another medium: photography.


Black Widow is bad-ass! I love her attitude, her skills and her look. Also, the comic book is a great read (see my review here). I recently started collecting these Pop! vinyl figures… They are ridiculous but also somehow cute. This one’s a bobble head version. Cool, right? 馃槈

Femme Friday #3: Hiratsuka Raich么 (part 2)

Last time, I introduced you to Hiratsuka Raich么, a leading figure in early Japanese feminism, focusing on her biographical background (read here). In this second part, I will talk about the literary society Seit么sha (Bluestocking Society) which was founded by Hiratsuka, and the two scandals which raised awareness of “New Women” in Japan and led to a wave of publications about women.

Hiratsuka and the Seit么sha
Hiratsuka and the Seit么sha (source: Hiroko Tomida: Hiratsuka Raich么 and Early Japanese Feminism, 2004)

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Femme Friday #2: Hiratsuka Raich么 (part 1)

In the first edition of Femme Friday, I spoke about Emma Watson’s UN speech on聽feminism,聽gender equality and her HeForShe campaign (click here to read it). This time, I’d like to take you back to 20th century Japan and introduce you to Hiratsuka Raich么 (1886-1971), a woman who had a major role in the establishment of early Japanese feminism. As this essay originally had over 2000 words, I decided to split it in two and post it accordingly. This first part will concentrate on Hiratsuka’s biography, the next part will deal with the Seit么sha, a literary society that was founded by Hiratsuka. Enjoy reading 馃檪

The young Hiratsuka Raich么
The young Hiratsuka Raich么 (source: wikimedia.org)


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