The Capital M

In the future, you will find posts with links to or on my blog. I joined this affiliation in the hope of being able to cover the cost of my blogs.

What does this mean for me personally?

By clicking on the links – and making purchases or signing up yourself – I earn a percentage of the purchase made (about 8-15%).

What does this mean to my readers?

Not much except that I will from time to time publish posts with links to superhero clothing and/or merchandise. As you will see, I will only link to stuff that is related to my blog. And now, you can help me make some money 🙂

In addition to my affiliation with shareasale, I also added a Paypal button to my blog where you can donate any amount you find appropriate for the quality of the content I provide.

I will continue writing reviews and recommendations on this blog, and post my photographs over at

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