Sexist Post-it Ad (source: aplus.com)

I have the priviledge of being friends with a lot of very intelligent, very open-minded people. One of them linked to this article on their Facebook page.

Let me just state the obvious: Sexism is alive and well.

As it’s time for Femme Friday, I decided to share this with my readers. I highly suggest you watch the video on the site above. It might open your eyes a bit to the sexism that we have to endure in advertisement each and every day.

While I am aware that men as well as women are portrayed in sexist ways in order to sell products, I think it’s safe to say that women are much worse off. Just take a look at these, for example.

Sure, that floor looks cosy (source).

Because, of course, thinking like a woman won’t get you anywhere (source).

Yes, all women are bitches when PMSing (source).

Because who doesn’t want to be assaulted just because they smell nice (source)?

You dress nice? Oh, okay then. I need to show you my pussy now (source).

Oh, and then there’s this. Which is just horrible, on so many fucking levels that whoever thought of it should be arrested because there’s something seriously wrong with them.

Won’t use our taxi service? Well, you had it coming, girl (source).

Btw, if you type in “sexist advertisement” into google picture search, you will not get any men in the first few hundert pictures, only women. Just fyi.

I think you catch my drift. Something needs to change – and fast.

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