Comics Review #5: The Invisible Lesbian by Oceanerosemarie

Title: The Invisible Lesbian
Written by: Océanerosemarie
Art by: Sandrine Revel
Translated by: Edward Gauvin
Publisher: Delcourt
Year: 2013 (French)/2015 (English)

This French graphic novel by Océane Rose Marie (Océanerosemarie is her pen name) was originally published by Delcourt in 2013 and is now available in English through Comixology. The story revolves around Océanerosemarie who considers herself an “invisible lesbian” and her journey from childhood to adulthood. As a reader, we follow the problems and insecurities that come with growing up as a lesbian.

The Invisible Lesbian is  a book for mature readers with lots of humour and an interesting and engaging plot. Sandrine Revel’s art is absolutely beautiful. Her watercolour paintings fit the tone of the story perfectly.

Oceanrosemarie introduces herself (source:
I was laughing out loud a few times while reading, especially whenever the lesbian fairy was called for. Nevertheless, there were some serious issues in the story that bothered me. 

More than once, Océanerosemarie points out, how a “real lesbian” is/should be/can’t be. Although the book seems to make fun of these lesbian stereotypes in the beginning of the story, the further it goes on, the more those stereotypes are reinforced. There are also problems concerning gender stereotypes and demeaning commentary concerning people of other sexual orientation. 

On the other hand, Océanerosemarie’s feminist remarks concerning heterosexual men’s interest in lesbians, and lesbian sex, are quite interesting and not too far fetched from what women experience nearly every day. 

The Invisible Lesbian ended on a rather depressing notion – which threw me off a bit as it wasn’t at all what the rest of the book felt like. All in all, while I had some issues with this graphic novel, it was still a very interesting and fun read. 

    My rating: 3/5

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