Blogging 201: Day 4

For our fourth assignment in Blogging 201, we are asked to take a look at our stats and analyse what they tell us about our readers’ interests. Also, we are to determine when to post what kind of entries and create an editorial calendar accordingly. As my blog is still in its early stages, my stats can’t be taken too seriously. However, there are some things that I should keep in mind.

As of today, the entry that is most popular on my blog is the one about my trip to London, followed by the first entry to Blogging 201 (no surprises here), and my first Femme Friday entry about Emma Watson and her HeForShe speech.

Site stats for the last 30 days
Site stats for the last 30 days

Most of my readers are from Germany (so friends and family, I suppose), followed by those from the US and the UK. The best day for posting seems to be Saturday, followed by Friday and then Thursday.

What did I learn from my stats?

I will continue with my Femme Friday posts, taking into account where my readers come from. Meaning, I will post late in the evening when readers from Europe are still awake and readers from the US are getting up and surfing the net while drinking their first coffee.

As I travel quite a lot, I plan a monthly post on Saturdays about my travel experiences. I also want to keep publishing review/rec posts about television, movies, comics, theatre, etc., so I thought about a bi-weekly or monthly movie review on Mondays, television reviews every Tuesday, and the rest from time to time. Not sure if I can keep it up but I’ll certainly try.

What do you guys think? Is that manageable? And also: do you have any requests? Anything you want to read about? Comments are always appreciated 🙂

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