Time For Art

When I was in London (read about it here), I bought some art utensils, among them two Moleskine sketch books (one for graphite, one for water colours), a small brush-set suitable for travelling and a “sketchers pocket box” of water colours by Winsor & Newton. Even though I’d had art class in high school, I somehow never really took any time to create art ever since I started attending Uni. Of course, there were times when I’d feel the urge to draw something, so I did. I also journeyed into photography, and that’s something I really enjoy now. But it’s been more than 10 years since I really sat down and painted something.

Sketch of a friend of mine
Sketch of a friend of mine

So yesterday, while watching Batman Begins and then Spiderman 2 on TV, I took out my sketch book and started colouring one of the sketches I had made in London. Let me tell you this: water colours are tricky! I’ve only painted with water colours once before, in high school. Thus, yesterday was my first clumsy try at colouring after a very long time. I’m actually not unhappy with how it turned out. It’s not perfect and I am aware of that. Still, it’s a start. It took me about 4 hours to colour my sketch. I have no idea how long other people need for their water-colour paintings.

London in water colours
London in water colours

I will try to paint more in the future. Need to practice painting with water colours. At least now, I have the utensils to do that.

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