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Gotham promo
Promo for Gotham (source:


I promised I would update my blog at least once a week, so I guess I have to write something today to keep that promise 😉

This week has been kinda busy as my last final draws near – it’s tomorrow! Studying swallowed up pretty much all of my time. Or it would have if I were a diligent student.

Since I’m not, I still found time to read blog entries on WP, finish watching season 4 of Castle (guilty pleasure) and watch the season premiere of Gotham. Which was pretty good, in my opinion. As a Batman fangirl, I was satisfied. The dark tone was there, the scenery was awesome, the acting mostly spot-on. I’m not sure where the story is going yet, so I won’t talk about that too much. I do recommend to watch the first episode of Gotham if you like comic book adaptations, dark themed stories and of course, Batman.


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